I know these last couple of weeks have sure been a rollercoaster. 

I have never spent this much time with my husband is the entire 16 years we have known each other. I am not complaining, it could be worse. 

I am grateful we are safe and able to work from home.


Which is why I am working so hard to help others.

Which is why when I stumbled across this thing called the Back to Business Free Bundle…  I had to tell you about it. 


Basically you can get a whole lot of things you normally have to pay for, but for free. 

Like canva templates, 28 prewritten emails templates and full blown courses showing you how to create instant customers and how to start selling physical products on your blog, just to name a few.  

(I put a full list in the PS for you). 



All you have to do is head over to BackToBusinessBundle.com

Put in your email address to get access to the gift page. 

Then pick and choose which free gifts you want to sign up for. 

The only catch is you have to sign up for everything you want individually by Monday, April 13th because that’s when it’s closing. 


Personally I use a majority of them, I follow these women and love their courses.


I hope you take advantage of these FREE resources. Let me know what you think in my Facebook Group.


P.S. Here’s all the stuff you can sign up to for free:


The Email List 911 Action Pack – Kate Doster 

Summit in a Box Starter Kit – Krista Miller

The Freelancer’s Guide to Growing Your Business in 2020 – Rita Ester

4 Steps to Sales on Amazon – Andrea Thomas

Brand me Divi – Naima Sheikh 

Blog Shop in 60 – Adrien Walker

Instant Customers, The Course – Eden Fried 

Fun not Filler GIF Box – Jessica Groop-Santise 

Unlock Instagram Income Potential – Marta Ostoja

Customizable Canva Pin Templates – Carly Campbell 

The Content Bank – Namia Sheikh

Canva Templates + Perfect Opt-in Course – Vanessa Ryan 

ROI Action Plan – Caroline Vencil 

Facebook Ad Starter Kit – Destini Copp

45 Not so obvious lessons I learned on the way to making $20,000 a month. Ebook – Debbie Gartner  

Trello Board Action Pack – Kate Doster

Legal Handbook for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs – Mariam Tsaturyan

Here’s the link again: http://www.backtobusinessbundle.com


While everything in this bundle is completely free & totally worthwhile if you decide to invest in some of the contributors’ paid products later on I might receive an affiliate commission.