The struggle is real when running a small business- usually, it’s the funds that are low for improving our workflow or lifestyle.


I totally get it.

That’s why I am here.

I will ask you questions that will change the way you think.

If you need specific courses I only recommend what I have tried personally or have tried another product that they offer and like their style of teaching.

Other key points that I look for is that they have a Facebook group to support you or another way to offer help if you need it.

If they have been around for a while and use what they practice.

And finally are affordable and fun.

My learning style is hands-on, accompanied by great visuals and handouts.

Learning is a must today because if you aren’t up to date your competitor will be, so you can’t be slacking. 

I offer complimentary workshops and one-hour-long consultations so let’s do this.


Organizational Tools

Working Smarter with Trello Magic Kate Doster

Holy Cannoli’s Kate Doster is my girl- she is one of the most thorough trainers I have ever watched. I love Trello for so many reasons. There was a lot I didn’t know. Not anymore- She gives you so much for your money too. I love her so much I subscribe to everything and usually buy whatever she is sells because it WORKS. And so afforadable. There is so much included this course is a must if you want to take your workflow to a whole new level.

Getting Started, Courses you need

I love me some tool kits. Again Chelsea is one of the best. So if you decided to go on your own or need to step back and regroup check out this toolkit for entrepreneurs must have! It has a little bit of everything you need to get started.


Making sure that your blog/website has all the necessary legal pages sounds easy but why take a chance?

Elizabeth Stapleton has a great bundle that will make sure you are covered.

Banish writer’s block forever & confidently write your money-making sales page TODAY!
(and use it to launch over and over again)

You will hear me share more of these course by Chelsea- Her site is HerPaperRoute– there are so many great courses. I have several.

This is her FREE one that gives you all you need to get started blogging.

Imagine having one year of blog posts written & optimized for SEO before the end of the month
Falling behind with your content creations plans? Struggling to come up with profitable blog post ideas – or more importantly – failing to follow through and actually write and publish them according to plan?

Join the One Year Of Content In One Month Challenge” and follow my content creation system to save hours of work and overwhelm in 2022.

Promoting a sense of urgency and giving people something that they really need (based on what they just downloaded for free!) is going to unlock that money-making potential for you.

You need a well-designed tripwire page that entices people to step further into your business and make a purchase from you.

SEO Courses

Here’s an incredible SEO E-Book–  again by my Biz Bestie Chelsea at HerPaper Route. I just love her style in her courses. Helpful, valuable and necessary.


Design Courses


Not only is she designing quality graphics that look professional and attract your audience is in Vanessa Ryan has multiple courses that you can check out.  She is a great human. Please sign up for her emails too.  Love everything she does!

I have purchased several Canva Templates and Opt in Templates.  


Social Media Courses

This eBook is a full guide to Pinterest for bloggers who want to boost their blog traffic. Perfect for beginners and pinners that wants advanced strategies. 

RECLAIM Your Results, Time, and Creative Energy…
With 438 Social Media Image Templates DONE FOR YOU!

Designed to INCREASE engagement and save you HOURS of stress.


So much valuable information on how to make your pins go viral. Love the power words and the tools you will needs section.

Your Social Media is DONE With Daily
Content Planned Out For You!
Tackle social media and save hours of time and stress with the proven-to-work Social Media Content System.

Affiliate Marketing

This bundle was created for bloggers who are starting to monetize their blogs but are struggling to create an affiliate marketing strategy that works. It comes with access to a private Facebook group.

This masterlist is a database of 500+ affiliate programs in over 17 different niches, giving bloggers a wide range of products and services to promote so they can increase their affiliate sales.

Get lifetime access to affiliate marketing strategies that work. Detailed and explained in a way that’s easy to understand. Make money with your blog today- Kimi knows her stuff.

Marketing Courses that Work