Free Ticket to Rebel Boss Summit

Rebel Boss Summit

If there’s one that has been made super clear over the past few weeks and months, it’s that the world can change in a split second. 

Seriously, COVID has changed all of our lives – personally, professionally, and otherwise.

Gone are the days of feeling confident that your income will be there for you. 

And, let’s be real, that lack of control is SCARY. 

So how about you do something to gain back a bit of control?

Personally, I recommend creating a source of income that isn’t dependent on anyone other than yourself. 

Create a digital product like an ebook, an online course, a printable… anything!

It’s fun to do AND when you finally get it out there, you’ll have paved the way for you to earn money from that product over and over and over again. How amazing is that?

Seriously – sell a $47 product 5 times and you’ll earn $235

Sell it 10 times and earn $470.

Sell it 20 times and earn $940.

You get the point. Create the product once, sell it as many times as possible

Now, I know this all may seem a bit intimidating.   

Creating a digital product, like an ebook, an online course, a printable asset, is no easy feat.   

But luckily my friend Eden Fried, host of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast, is hosting a free online summit to teach you all about digital product creation and sales!  

It’s called the Rebel Boss Summit and it’s happening May 18th – 21st, 2020.  

Consider this your official invitation from me to you! <3  

The event is 4 whole days filled with digital product training from insanely talented digital marketers and creatives!   

It’s also ALL online, meaning you can tune in FOR FREE from the comfort of your own home – wear your PJs!   

Don’t forget to grab your FREE ticket!       

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