Help is Here

Are you going to take advantage is the question.

If you are struggling with what day it is and what should you cook for dinner then keep reading…it gives you something else to do.

I am a fixer, if there is a problem then I have this need to solve it. 

This virus is stressing me out well, because of the obvious, but I feel helpless. 

That feeling is the worst for me.

I know so many people that need help.

Of course, being healthy is everything, however figuring out what to do next is a strong second.

Here are some resources I know can help you.

(Some of these links are affiliate links. So if you decide to buy anything, I’ll receive a commission. I am self-funded like we are all but I also like purses)


My nephew Johnny, who is a CPA, is helping business owners secure disaster relief due to the virus. He’s helping many business owners and can help you too.  So that means most of us who are self employed.

Book time with now to get all your questions answered.

The Federal Government just passed the CARES Act which includes loans and grants for business owners. 

There is a lot of help for business owners in there; It’s worth learning about. If you want Johnny’s assistance, you can get a hold of him here. 

Or you can visit his  website HERE

For your mental health:

Need to bring some balance to your life?

Try Green Leaf Origins CBD – this has changed my life. And now especially.

Use the code “CBDforME” to get $10 off.


An app that you can text or video call mental health professionals. $100 off all packages. It’s totally worth it if you are struggling.

Get $100 off your first month on any Talkspace plan!



Free Online toddler Frozen  dance class it’s worth a look

Work on your business:

I am still going to include my favorites this week- we may have more time now to check them out.

I love Vanessa for so many reasons, but her courses are so worth the money if you need beautiful templates or , to create an optin – go HERE to check them out.

Now is a great time to upgrade or freshen up your site .

Want a beautiful WordPress template, I use Bluchic– and you can purchase one like mine by going HERE. 

Beautiful and easy to install with great support.

She also has a FREE resource library that will help you get your site started.

You need Trello in your life, if you don’t know or how to use it- go to this course now and purchase this- it’s so worth the money because you will save a ton of time. Get organized today!

Kate’s course has FREE templates included in this course which is worth the price right there!

If you are starting your own blog, check out these necessary legal pages and disclaimers you will need. I love how easy it is to create. 

Check them out HERE

Want to kick up your Pinterest skills? Check out Pin Generator in a Box.

Want to learn how to get Paid to with Pinterest- go to Get Paid to Pin

Want to learn how to start a money making blog? Click HERE 

I like this course too, a different style and price point. Click HERE

Once you get your blog up and running, learn about Affiliate Marketing.

I am in love with it! I think this pandemic has taught us having your business online or a side hustle is the way to go!

Need FREE stock photos that are the bomb?  She is adding so much to her membership too. I have so many useful templates that I will use for e-courses

I subscribe to Ivory Mix membership so I can get ALL the bells and whistles. 

There is a lot, trust me- like a lot a lot. 

Her private Facebook Group and photos are enough but now she has added so much more- like social media captions- YES, please.  

Check out the membership too.

Speaking of private Facebook groups, did you join mine?

Marketing yourself online? 

So, this amazing woman. Shannon Mattern is so easy to follow. She is the real deal.

Her latest course  How to market yourself online with zero budget is on sale so click on the link above and get started

To watch her FREE webinar go HERE

Get your Social Media organized with this  Social Media Content Calendar from Angie Gensler


I  didn’t watch too much Netflix this week, except Tiger King, and that was enough to last me awhile. My brain still hurts.

I hope find these resources interesting. If you want me to check out your service or product to include in next weeks email let me know- we have to stick together. 

There is no charge just love.

Any questions or feedback please  email me  anytime🎉.

Talk to you soon- xoxox

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You need Flodesk 

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Yes you read that right!