Make the most with your time, network with professionals with the same goals without leaving your office. Online Networking meets
Round Tables. Problem- Solving and getting Sh*t done!

Do any of these sound familiar?

There is so much competition, how will I stand out in my field? I can't find the right customers!
Networking groups are so clicky. I hate going to networking events alone.

You are one step ahead of the competition because you are already finding a way to meet new people by visiting this page.

With Online networking you will stand out by meeting new people and sharing your story.

You need to put this into action and start by signing up and get the details.

We are all in the same boat. Looking for new business, maintaining current business and staying relevant in our industries.

We are all taking the first step by joining these sessions and solving problems, finding customers, and increasing revenue streams. Online Networking with me will be fun and you will walk away with solid connections.

Networking is a necessity in any business.

Some are better than others but it’s human nature to want to go with a friend or to find an excuse not to go.

Online networking takes away the intimidation of walking up to someone alone.

We will all be together doing the same thing. But you will be heard, and meet those people you need to do business with.

What if you could...

Network with other professionals who are looking to do the same as you are.

Never have to leave your house/office.

Learn a new skill so you can stay competitive.

Share ideas and resources.

Learn about new apps or programs that will help you save time and money.


Online networking Sessions

Think of networking meets round tables and then add a touch of expert advice from people we can learn from.

Here's what you'll get



Create your own giveaways, insta-take overs or bundles with other professionals from the sessions.


We all need someone who will look out for us. In these smaller sessions, you will find your people.

Have Fun

We need to laugh, and enjoy our businesses when we can. Doing it with the people who get it makes the bond stronger.

Take the first step and sign up

You will receive more information and additional steps to get started.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

As you can see, I rarely take myself seriously.

My passion is having fun while I am doing all the serious things

12 years ago, I was selling advertising and my sales goals were so aggressive I figured out how to crush them. 

I created my own networking group. Yeh, I did.

Guess who was a sales rock-star 👋

Here I am doing the same thing but online- and it’s not going to be some boring, walk away with nothing like of session. Oh no, it’s going to be 💯.

You found your people.

Don’t close this window out before clicking below and signing up to get more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge for your first session. After your first session pay $5 whenever you want to join us.

Not as of yet.  Maybe down the road. Right now it’s simple and affordable.

Currently, we will have 2 online networking sessions a month. Same Day- just different times so you will have more than 1 chance to make connections.

The coolest. Business owners who are stepping up and taking control and staying ahead of the competition.

I totally respect your time, so we will have moderators to keep us on track. I ask that you block out at least 1 hour and 15 minutes. That way there is a solid hour to get to it in the session. Those extra 15 minutes are for technical issues if they arise. 

There will be smaller groups so we can make the most of the time. We will have 2 sessions a day- once a month. So you will be able to fit it in your schedule and we will break it down into smaller groups.

Save your money and time by networking online. You still need to fill your pipelines for future business. You need to stay competitive. You need to have fun.

This is it, sign up now

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