Resources for Life as we know it.

resources for life as we know it

In the blink of an eye- life as we know it has changed drastically. 

It’s OK though, we are going to get through this. 

I created this list of resources for life as we know it.

We must stay together but apart and get creative to keep our sanity, and well our bank account in the positive. 

I am not an expert in what to do in a pandemic

but I am survivor of many things and I know how to land on my feet and help others to do the same.

Those that know me, know I have a passion to connect people. And to solve problems so that’s what this post is about.

Some of these small business are dear friends and are in need of serious help from our community. Consider utilizing their services now or buying a gift card for later when we can get back to life. 

With the way things are looking we are going to being inside for a while, so what the hell check out all the links! 

resources for life as we know it

If you are a vendor and have a creative way to reach people online that will help you and our community shoot me a reply or find me on social media- all my handles are below.

So onto the links...

(Some of these links are affiliate links they are colored PINK . So if you decide to buy anything, I’ll receive a commission. I am self-funded like we are all but I also like purses)


No particular order here – just go shop:

Need to bring some balance to your life?

Try Green Leaf Origins CBD – this has changed my life. And now especially.

Use the code “CBDforME” to get $10 off.

SPArties- I have mentioned her before 👇👇👇

In the last 2 years, I have started yoga, Reiki and meditation. 

My go-to girl for guided mediation is Janet Rotella- every Monday night she does a live guided meditation on Facebook. 

The first session is free- after that, it’s so reasonable only $15. 

She runs specials and all kinds of amazing events. 

She is also a Level III Reiki Master and does that during her mediation. 

It’s so worth the $15- and it’s online- again another activity in your pajamas! 

Just email her for the details- click HERE.

Can’t get your nails or tootsies done- check out- Color Street- my Cousin sells these and I can’t even tell you how many i have and give as gifts! 

Great fun for the younger kids who are bored too. 

Go HERE to place and order and go HERE to follow her on FB she has a great FB group.

Good Eats:

Make sure you order your alcohol too!

Don Camaron Seafood Grill and Market – 

they are delivering and if they are a favorite- grab a gift card for later

STARTING FRIDAY 3/20/20 Potions In Motion will be launching “Dinners In Motion”.com. Nightly meals for pick up & delivery 7 nights a week. 

Complete weekly dinner menu 7 days out will be posted, each meal feeds 4 adults, delivered HOT, everything from salad to dessert. 


Coming Next Week “Sushi In Motion”.com Family Sushi Platters delivered nightly $59.95 feeds 4!!!!

Comfort in Ramen? Temple Street Eatery is incredible- they are delivering


For the kids 2-8 who are home 

Adventure Academy for 8-13

$5 dollar dinners online cooking for kids- love this idea- go HERE

Check out this instagram page to stay sane while home with the kids

Free online conference from the Thrive Blogging community- sign up HERE

I have FREE resources you can check out- click HERE

Here’s an article that just came out with some resources for learning too- I have a few mentioned here already but the list is extensive, so take a look- click HERE

So I am going to do this and I don’t have kids..hello who doesn’t love the zoo? Virtual field trips!!

Great Podcasts:

Again I love The Thrive Blogging Community, so naturally I listen to their cast too.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty- he is amazing- great voice too.

Side Hustle School

Rise Together


The Goal Digger


UnFu*k Your Brain

People I follow and read daily:

I have an extensive library and resources, in these unchartered waters we need to figure out new streams of income so please let me know if you need ideas, or are wondering how to do all the things.

I am here to help. Just shoot me an email

Work on your business:

I am still going to include my favorites this week- we may have more time now to check them out.

If you are starting your own blog, check out these necessary legal pages and disclaimers you will need. I love how easy it is to create. 

Check them out HERE

Want to kick up your Pinterest skills? Check out Pin Generator in a Box.

Want to learn how to get Paid to with Pinterest- go to Get Paid to Pin

Learn about earning money with Amazon- click HERE

Need FREE stock photos that are the bomb?  She is adding so much to her membership too. I have so many useful templates that I will use for e-courses

I subscribe to Ivory Mix membership so I can get ALL the bells and whistles. 

There is alot, trust me- like a lot a lot. 

Her private Facebook Group and photos are enough but now she has added so much more- like social media captions- YES, please.  

Check out the membership too.

Speaking of private Facebook groups, did you join mine?

Marketing yourself online? 

So, this amazing woman. Shannon Mattern is so easy to follow. She is the real deal.

Her latest course  How to market yourself online with zero budget is on sale so click on the link above and get started

To watch her FREE webinar go HERE

Want to use an awesome email marketing platform that has, sales, funnels, opt in’s and beautiful templates for less money than any other out there? 

You need Flodesk 

Click on my link 👆👆and get it for $19 a month!! 

Yes you read that right!

Get your Social Media organized with this  Social Media Content Calendar from Angie Gensler

Meanwhile on NETFLIX:

Dirty John


What If

Love is Blind- The BEST Worst show ever

Lost Girls

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez- this was a tough one to watch

The Kominsky Method

On Amazon Prime:

Rachel Hollis- Made for More- LOVE this!

I also do yoga from several girls- I change them up but there are tons on here

The Marvelous Mrs. Masel

Modern Love

Instant Family

I hope find these resources interesting. If you want me to check out your service or product to include in next weeks email let me know- we have to stick together. 

There is no charge just love.

with love

Any questions or feedback please  email me  anytime🎉.

Stay healthy- I am not going to tell you to wash your hands, because if you weren’t doing this on the regular, you are gross.😜

Talk to you soon- xoxox