Stephanie Bosco Luca
Why yes, I can rock the microphone

You don't see it coming....

You think you are Superwoman. You got your SH$! together. You are a happy camper.

You are the BOMB!

Then it all crashes down.


Rewind to 12 years ago……

I was working for Brides Magazine, selling advertising. LOVING life. 

I was so happy, I created a kick-ass networking group (Elite Bridal Network) for the events industry. 

Elite Bridal Network

Oh the events we had!! The relationships that were made- let’s just stay they last. 

I was a rockstar. Like for real, people wanted to just be around me. It was was a little weird but I went with the flow. 

We had monthly events- and I sold the heck out of my magazine. 

The first punch in the face.


Then, an emergency meeting- they were shutting the publication down. 

In fact, all the local Brides Magazines were being shut down. 

Blank stare.

How could that be? I made the most commission that edition and won awards. WTF??

Too bad, so sad- it was all over.

At least I still had my networking group.

I loved selling advertising so I continued to do so.

Then the one, two to the gut.


Nothing came close to the company I worked for though. 

I worked for several people who took advantage of me (never thought that could happen to me being the Brooklyn girl I am) because of the amount of contacts I have, strong work ethic, and sales skills I have.

Little did they know- those were not contacts. They were relationships that I built, they came with me- wherever I went.

Because I was honest, and my concern was always what was best for clients not just about the sale.

In the meantime, I launched my own marketing services. You know social media management, ghost blogging, consulting- all of that. 

Between ALL the things I was doing, I was miserable. 

Financially, I was doing ok, not great and not as good as I should be, considering how hard I was working.

I thought I could find my hustle again helping someone else building their dream- not very smart but they were paying me good money to do it.

Just existing.


I launched several magazines, created tons of websites and developed revenue streams for existing businesses.

It got old.

I left all meaningless jobs, outsourced the clients except a few (had to pay the bills) and started to work on a new plan.

What was the plan?

Didn’t know.

Life changes forever.


Then my world was rocked. I lost both parents within 1 year and 1 week of each other.

My Dad was harder for me because he was “my person”. I am without a doubt a Daddy’s Girl.

I cared for him up until his last breath.

Nothing prepares you for that kind of loss even when everyone says it’s natural ( a part of life). 

Nope. Not this Daddy’s Girl.

Being from Brooklyn, Italian and with a big, loud family – it’s all you know. 

Family is everything. I am so thankful for that too, I wouldn’t change one thing.

It’s been 20 months and I still go to call him. I am better but I am not whole.  This is the new me without my parents.



I picked myself up and started again. I began to launch another business- lots of moving parts.

My problem was I wanted it ALL too fast- this wasn’t going to be easy without any help.

I hired people, I did all the things.

And then I suffered some more losses. Lost more family members, and some other setbacks.  I wasn’t focused on my website.

The final blow.


My hosting plan expired.

I physically lost the new one I was still working on and the old one that I had for 12 years. 

ALL gone.

I tried everyone, talked to all the people, researched all the things- bottom line I wasn’t on top of my game and I messed up.

In a big way.


Moving Forward.


I recovered pretty quickly and decided I was going to start up again but in a simpler way.

Without all the moving parts. And I would focus on what I am passionate about and then grow from there.

Why did I think I could jump in and do it all a few months ago?

Because, I always did. That’s how I roll- Go big or go home.



SO– Here I am again.

Just a girl with a passion to help small business owners grow and learn.

A girl who makes the magic happen. My life hasn’t been magical these last few years but I still have my sparkle.

I will make this happen and I hope you are up for it and take this journey with me.

I will only be promoting and working with brands and people that I believe in and use myself.

I have learned so much and want to share my knowledge. I still have amazing relationships and I want to continue to build them.

I want to be a resource to all the Badass women out there that just need a little help.

I just want to make my Dad proud by kicking ass in everything I do because he told me I can.

We are all in this together.

Thanks for listening



My biggest Daddy