Just me, letting you know what’s going on in my world of working smarter.  

Sometimes I don’t feel like I am working smarter so I am sharing some great finds this week, so you can actually work smarter and not pull all your hair out like I do.

Keep reading it’s going to be good, I promise- there is something for everyone.

I am building my website, so my life is a bit 🙃

I want to be able to still tell you some of the cool things I have found along the way because I am sure they will help you as much as me.

So onto the links...

(Some of these links are affiliate links they are colored PINK . So if you decide to buy anything, I’ll receive a commission. I am self-funded like we are all but I also like purses)


I am having intimate events, ok, don’t get the wrong idea! 

I am hosting small events where the focus is on building relationships. 

Then the business comes second.  Think fun self-care events while drinking.

I am tossing around the idea of having 1-2 bigger networking events later in the year- but I need to hear back if you would be interested. Just reply back.


My website is not perfect by any means, but it’s getting there- take a look and let me know what you think

My site is designed to help you work smarter. 


By reading what I write about, check out the courses, freebies, and online events I have and participate because they are awesome. 

Besides, they will 

A.) Save you time 


B.) Save you aggravation 


C.) Both

I am using BluChic themes to help me with several pages-  so easy and pretty. 

My current theme is Chic Serve. If you need landing pages or a theme for your site or canva social media templates she is the girl to go to.  With a little patience, anyone can design their site.


Not to mention, this FREE course- I can’t tell you enough about this amazing woman. Shannon Mattern so thorough, easy to follow and you will GET SH*T done. I know how to create sites but I still took this FREE course and was amazed at how much I learned. Do yourself a favor if you are on a budget and need help either creating a site or updating yours and get this course.

Freebie Challenge

I am addicted to learning new things, it helps me to help you. 

My library of courses, cheatsheets, PDF’s- and all the things is insane. I want to share them with you tell me what you need. Again- reply back.


This is my favorite course- Trello Magic– because it got me totally organized.  I have been using Trello for awhile but Kate Doster showed me so many tricks and incredible templates to use. 

Trello Magic Kate DosterTrello Magic

I absolutely love Trello way more now.

I can’t wait to get all my ideas, projects down on the cards and then move them, and then check them off. Yes, it’s for the organizer nerd but not overwhelming.

Talking about a time saver- RecurPost– is so easy to automate your social media posts. 

I use the FREE account and it does enough for me now. In the future, I will upgrade to the monthly plan. 

The FREE plan comes with:

3* Social Accounts

100 Recurring Updates

10 Daily posts per social account

10 One-off posts per account

Need FREE stock photos that are the bomb? 

I subscribe to Ivory Mix membership so I can get ALL the bells and whistles. 

There is alot, trust me- like a lot a lot. 

Her private Facebook Group and photos are enough but now she has added so much more- like social media captions- YES, please.  

Check out the membership too.

Speaking of private Facebook groups, did you join mine?

Wait before you run right over to join- think about this:

Will you participate?

Do you promise not to spam this group with self-promotions all the time?

Will you tell stories, ask great questions and genuinely use this group to build relationships to grow your business?  

I mean I know you like me🤣– but only join if you are serious- we all have too many groups we belong to and don’t participate don’t join just because I am fabulous- I have a Facebook page you can check out if you don’t really want to engage on the reg.


Working from home has it’s pros and cons- like working in your pajamas is a win.

Talking to yourself- gets a bit boring plus I found out this week there are people out there that have no internal dialogue. Yeh, my mind was BLOWN.

I can’t even wrap my head around that because I don’t shut up on the inside- well on the outside too 🤣

That’s why there is NETFLIX:

Here’s what I listen to while I am working- and usually laugh out loud.

Grace and Frankie

Shameless – so wrong but so funny

Nurse Jackie

Schitt’s Creek

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

Good Girls


I have been journaling since I was 8 (back then it was called a diary) now I have upped my game with STICKERS- not like googly eye stickers but BADASS BOSS BADE stickers. 

I am obsessed.

Along with all the pretty color fine line markers. 

If you don’t journal- think about it. I get it all out every day. The great thing is that you do it when you want- no judging, it’s for you and you only. 

I have all my nieces doing it!  I am creating good habits early.

In the last 2 years, I have started yoga, Reiki and meditation. 

My go-to girl for guided mediation is Janet Rotella- every Monday night she does a live guided meditation on Facebook. 

The first session is free- after that, it’s so reasonable only $15. 

She runs specials and all kinds of amazing events. 

She is also a Level III Reiki Master and does that during her mediation. 

It’s so worth the $15- and it’s online- again another activity in your pajamas! 

Just email her for the details- click HERE.

Any questions or feedback please  email me  anytime🎉.

Talk to you soon- xoxox

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You need Flodesk Click on my link and get it for $19 a month!! 

Yes you read that right!