Here are the greatest tools that have helped me over the years to design my websites, as well as all my graphics.

I will update these often so check back.

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Design Tools

These are the design tools that I have used for years for mine and my client’s businesses.


I use this app everyday. They have a FREE version and a PAID version. I love it so much, I invest in the Paid one- they have so many incredible features. You can design just about everything. From Resumes to Logos. You don't have to be a graphic expert either. When you get the paid version you can save your brand colors- which makes life a bit easier when you are designing graphics for your business.

Pic Monkey

They have a FREE and PAID version. I have used this app for years and years. It's an easy to use editor. I use it to resize my photos, add anything I want to the photo and now they have templates too.


Bluchic has beautiful themes and landing pages. I purchased her landing pages, it was great bundle. Check it out today.

Ivory Mix

I can't say enough about this membership! 1,000's of stock photos and so much more! They add all kinds of cool features. I pay for the membership- after I downloaded her FREE stock photos and loved them so much,

Business Tools

These tools have helped me for years to work smarter. Some are free some are not- but they are worth every penny.

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I have used all the big name players in email marketing for years. I was introduced to Flodesk through a partner and I am so happy. First of all, the price doesn't go up as your number of subscribers does. It has a great selection of templates for emails, email workflow and so easy to use and if you use my code you get it for half price! Only $19 a month- and it never goes up!


There are not even enough words. Think of a whiteboard that you can share with your team while you are sitting on your couch. It may seem overwhelming at first- but it's so easy to navigate you will wonder why you haven't been using it like forever ago. I have some awesome courses and templates for Trello. Click on Ways to Work Smarter page.


This is the CRM I use. I have been using it for several years- You can save your emails that you send to your contacts too so you have a complete record of what occurred. It's come in handy. Very affordable $20 a month for the basic plan. It has so many features to be honest I still haven't used all of them but tons of reports and filters. Lots of integrations and apps you can connect. Click on my icon and you will $10 off.

Google Drive

My entire life is in the Google Drive. It may seem scary but I got over the dear real quick when I realized how much time I saved having everything it takes to run my business is in one place and can be accessed anywhere. I use the Free gmail, but I upgraded my storage and I pay $2 a month. They have plans in the G suite that have used in the past- but right now I am good with the free plan. The Basic plan starts at $6 a month- still a great deal just depends on what you will be doing. I have a 20% off coupon- I can help you with that.

Motivation and Inspiration

We are responsible for our own motivation and happiness. I got to different sources, my main sources everyday is the Bible. My day starts with God- always. Then I move into whatever I feel I need motivation in. Here are a few of my favorites

Marie Forleo

This is my girl- maybe because she is from NJ and speaks my language. I don't know but she tells it like it is but not in an agressive in your face way. I took her copywriting class which was life changing- I realized that I was a good write just the way I was, along with her tips I do not have a fear of writing anymore. She has videos, courses, podcasts and you can literally watch her and feel like I want to conquer the world. Check her out!

Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is a little ball of energy that I am addicted to. I love everything she does, and her down to earth approach is something I can totally relate to. I have read her books, her videos, listened to her podcasts. You name it. She is a daily must as well.


Sounds crazy, I know. I get so many ideas, so many that I have to get my trello boards fired up so I can keep track of them. I find so many great blogs, articles, authors, courses, quotes..omg the it goes on forever. I have always been a fan since it came out- I have just changed the way I use it. Bottom line there is so much traffic there you need to use it.

Jeffrey Gitomer

I have been a fan of Jeffrey's for years- I met him a few times at his seminars. He totally gets me motivated when I get in a sales rut. His easy to understand and use methods are everything. I have all his books, subscribe to his newsletters and watch all the videos. He is a must on your list.

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My Chrome Browser is my filing cabinet. I bookmark everything and I keep them in folders. Easy to access and saves me so much time. Here are some of my go-to extensions – If you need help with this let me know- it’s so easy to set up and you will love it.