• When it all crashes down

    Why yes, I can rock the microphone You don’t see it coming…. You think you are Superwoman. You got your SH$! together. You are a happy camper. You are the BOMB! Then it all crashes down.   Rewind to 12 years ago…… I was working for Brides Magazine, selling advertising. LOVING life.  I was so […]

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  • Elite Networking Group

    2021 SUCKED

    Did 2021 really hapen or was it a bad dream? 2021 SUCKED. And I thought 2020 was the worst year, 2021 sucked too. To be honest, the last 5 years for me have been the worst ones yet. Being 52, I feel I have had my share of ups and downs- but these last several […]

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  • Get Insurance

    Insurance Have you thought about your future? Covid has affected so many aspects of life and made it difficult to focus on some very essential tasks for many people. One of these things for too many people was the ability to find a comprehensive, affordable, quality health plan. Products Medicare The Medicare Open Enrollment Period […]

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  • Catching Up

    I can’t believe this year. That’s pretty much what everyone you know has said at one time or another. Just like you, I baked, watched TV, stopped watching TV, worked out, ate until I couldn’t breathe, then lost weight, worked on “myself”, cried, laughed, yelled, and then gave up on trying to get through this […]

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  • when it all changed stephanie bosco luca

    When it all changed

    In an instant—that’s when it all changed. I was tired of spinning my wheels. I knew that this wasn’t it for me, there had to be more. Creating my own thing wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to my core that I had to share my passion for marketing with […]

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  • everything you need and didnt know it

    Everything you need and Didn’t know it.

    Everything you need and didn’t know it Hot on the blog just for you “Everything you need and didn’t know it”. Over the years I have collected a nice library of resources, now that I have started affiliate marketing it goes hand in hand what I have always done. Make recommendations. Which is code for […]

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  • e course bundle

    Business Bundle for $99

    ONLY $99 Have you ever felt like you’re ready to grow your business … but can’t afford the costs of most programs that would help get you there? This Business Bundle has it all. Were you just getting to the place where you were ready to invest, but then this uncertain time has you wondering […]

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  • online networking

    Join Online Networking

    Ready to learn about Online Networking? I know we are all wondering what business is going to look like for the next 6-9 months.  I am  not sure because I am not an expert. What I do know is that networking will always be important. Online Networking has always been an option but for some […]

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  • referral circle

    Groundhog day…

    This is the longest Groundhog Day ever. Staying positive and focused? Never mind, that’s a loaded question. It totally feels like groundhog day but I am trying my best.  Whether it’s blogging or braiding my hair I am giving it my all. Jumping right in – Take a look at my latest finds 👇👇 (Some […]

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  • Rebel Boss Summit

    Free Ticket

    Free Ticket to Rebel Boss Summit If there’s one that has been made super clear over the past few weeks and months, it’s that the world can change in a split second.  Seriously, COVID has changed all of our lives – personally, professionally, and otherwise. Gone are the days of feeling confident that your income […]

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