Everything you need and didn't know it

everything you need and didnt know it

Hot on the blog just for you “Everything you need and didn’t know it”.

Over the years I have collected a nice library of resources, now that I have started affiliate marketing it goes hand in hand what I have always done.

Make recommendations. Which is code for telling people what and how to do it, I have always been bossy. #sorrynotsorry. Very passionate 😁

The difference now is I will get a commission if you purchase anything. Since I only recommend products I use, you can rest assure that I am only sharing the ones that help me run my business. Saving me time and money.

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All the Resources I use

These are my resources that I use on a regular basis, I have more so if you still need something let me know.

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Click on the arrow and that box will open, the name of app is the link so click on that it will take you directly to it.

Trello– runs my life. Use it for all personal and business projects. Add your Google Drive and Slack and you can run your whole business right there.

Not sure how to use it? I bought this course from Kate Doster- Trello Magic. Not only does she break it down in easy steps but she also gives you templates to copy and customize for your own. 


Google Drive–  I couldn’t do anything without my Google Suite.  Years ago, someone said” Oh, Google is the enemy they are going to steal all our information”- yeh, that didn’t happen and I can’t live without it. They have programs that re identical to WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT and much more. And there is a FREE version that I have used for YEARS. The only difference is space- so if you need  more space and an email address that reflects your business- like [email protected] – then upgrade to the suite.

Airtable-  This is another awesome program that helps you stay organized. Again it’s FREE.  The paid version has more space for attachments and records. But honestly I have not needed to upgrade yet. If I needed it I would because it’s only $10 a month.

Here is the link to compare plans.

Notion  –  I just started to use this because of a course that I am taking and I am finding it useful. It’s a little more difficult to navigate then Airtable and Trello but it has some great features and again you can integrate other programs, and there is a way to earn credits so you can play with the upgraded version for free. It’s worth checking out, especially if you are teaching a course. I will give more of an update when I finish my course. Right now that’s all I have in there and I connected my Google Drive so everything I do is all connected, that way I never lose anything. There is a Sales CRM feature that it’s in there but I haven’t played around with it yet. It might be an option for me. I currently use Insightly, which is affordable but I may see if this would be worth switching to.

Evernote – I have been using this tool for over 9 years or something like that. I love the chrome extension clipper- it clips things I want to read- I tag it and then can search for it later and catch up. You can also integrate Evernote with Trello. So your notes from Evernote can convert into a card on Trello. I have the Free plan, I don’t use this as much as Trello and the others I have mentioned but I like the voice activated note taker- I am sure there are other products out there but I like this one.

Canva – I almost all my ads, courses, social media graphics, business cards and so much in Canva. I do pay for the Pro version because there is so many features. The stock photos alone are worth it. I am not a graphic designer by any  means this app makes it so easy.

PicMonkey – I have the paid Basic plan- not sure if I will keep it- it has great features but I really only use it to crop pictures. I know I could use it for more but I just don’t. I have used this program for so many years that I haven’t really reviewed whether I need it to pay for it anymore.

Beacon This is new app for me but so far I love it. If you need to design an e -course, lead magnet, checklist  or anything related this app is amazing. You can import your blog posts into the template so you don’t need to type it all over again. I use this in conjunction with Canva. It’s so simple to use. Branded colors and fonts. I love it! Totally worth the money.

Ivory Mix – I have subscribed to all kinds of stock photo memberships. Ivory Mix is the real deal because it’s not only stock photos, there are templates, social media captions, it seems like they add more every month.  There are FREE photos everywhere but I love these because they look more real and not like a stock photo. There is  private Facebook group where you can chat with designer and she will create what you ask for. Another must for any graphics you need.

BluChic – I have bought templates for my clients before but never for me. BluChic has the most beautiful templates for girlie girl business that are so well built and awesome customer support. Affordable and easy to use, with step by step instructions. I use ChicServe for website and I also bought the landing pages templates. All wonderful- I highly reccomend them.


Flodesk – I used other email marketing services over the years- probably all of them. This one I am totally in love with. The main reason- the price doesn’t increase as you get subscribers! Tons of templates, opt in forms, work flows, and they are updating features all the time. Oh and the price $19 a month if you click on my link! 

Insightly- I use this CRM mainly because of the price and I can add the email that I send to the record so I have a complete history of what took place with that prospect or client. There are a ton of features and reports- Totally worth checking out.

I may receive a commission on some of these courses if you purchase anything through these links

Trello Magic– Everything you need to learn about Trello and templates that you can customize! Trello for the Win.

Her Paper Route– This Bestie has everything thing you need to get started in Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, and Influencer Marketing. Paid and Free Courses.

Don’t know where to begin but you want to start a blog- Go HERE she walks you through it all.

Shannon Mattern – I love the way she teaches. The Marketing Lab is incredible.  If you are unsure of what you are doing, and need step by step to get on track she’s your girl. Shannon also has an awesome FREE Design your own site course that is helpful if you want to do it on your own – can check it out HERE

She Approach- she has some of the best courses – If you want to create and E Book this what you need- I absolutely love her Affiliate Marketing Bundle- it comes with a training and the master list! She does the work for you. Finds the programs and what they pay!

Click HERE


Master List of Affiliates

Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle ❤ my favorite

She Approach Shop- All 

Need Opt-in Templates? I love me some Vanessa Ryan- she is someone to follow she has so many great specials- and there is a price point for everyone. She also has a membership program for small business owners and hosts virtual summits. Check out her Opt-in Templates.

Zoe Linda- I am taking her Client Referral Toolkit course. She literally thinks of everything, you do not have to reinvent the wheel at all. I will be launching my own Client Referral Network!

She also has an incredible toolkit if you want to Start your own Affiliate Marketing Program. I am not there yet but I will one day and I will start here.

If you need an Affiliate Spreadsheet to keep track. This process is in Airtable which I love but she also has swipe emails to reach out to affiliate partners too! Oh I can’t wait to get to this point!

Website Legal Pages Bundle from Elizabeth Stapleton are a must. Easy to use.

This one is a must too! Blogging SEO Course I am still working my way through, but she knows her sh*t- and she is my new business bestie. Check out Feuza– I am not an affiliate of hers but I just think this girl is such a great resource. She has a Pinterest SEO course too!