In an instant—that’s when it all changed.

I was tired of spinning my wheels. I knew that this wasn’t it for me, there had to be more. Creating my own thing wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to my core that I had to share my passion for marketing with the world. I had no idea, in that moment, I would be able help so many small businesses.

I have had an incredible career in the corporate world. I worked for my dream company, Conde Nast for 5 years. I always said that they would have to throw me out before I would leave- well they did. They closed the magazine I sold advertising for.

I created several publications on my own and for other small business owners.

I opened a one-stop shop bridal resource center. Sold wedding favors. Sat on boards of associations, launched my own networking group, and opened  a marketing agency.

With years of working hard for others and even myself I have never felt like I was everything I knew I could be.

Did I have too high of expectations? Was I not picking the right projects, products or people?

I don’t know- all I did know is that nothing was working 100% for me.

Looking back, working for Conde Nast was the closest experience that met my expectations overall- they were based in NY, and I was in South Florida. I had the support of a large company but I was on my own being a remote worker. Like, everyone else though while I was living it I was still looking for more.

Which is when I launched Elite Bridal Network.

My goals at the magazine were high, and I had a short amount of time of achieve them. I went to SO many networkers, even sat on several boards of other associations. But, I couldn’t find my target client. So, one night I was with my friend, and told her how I was feeling and she said let’s have our own party.

That party turned into 10 years of networkers. Every month in a new venue. Attendance every month had at least 100 people- the max one month was 400.

when it all changed

I learned so much, about the industry, people and myself. I don’t live with regrets always learn something no matter what I do.

And what I learned after I stopped having events was:

  1. I was burnt out
  2. I needed to expand my reach other industries.
  3. I was salesperson no matter how many times I tried to change my career- sales always came shine through. So I needed to embrace that.
  4. I was born to be an entrepreneur.

It took a few years, some more projects, clients and self reflection to finally realize that I can anything but I have to do what I feel passionate about to be completely happy.

My passion is helping others succeed. I have the knowledge and skill to be able to make a difference. I narrowed down what motivated me the most.

It comes down to a few areas for me:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Being a resource
  3. Networking
  4. Referring businesses
  5. Telling my story

And that is where I am now.

I am blogging and recommending those products and services that I use and love. 

I am launching online networking sessions and after that launches a client referral circle.

I tell my story, I meet new people, I am resource and help small business owners achieve the goals.

Who’s a happy girl? 

when it all changed

I am and I am sure I won’t stop here. I hope you will follow my journey and maybe even network with me