Did 2021 really hapen or was it a bad dream?

2021 SUCKED.

And I thought 2020 was the worst year, 2021 sucked too.

To be honest, the last 5 years for me have been the worst ones yet. Being 52, I feel I have had my share of ups and downs- but these last several years – they almost took me down.

Almost is the keyword.

Life never ever goes the way you plan. Not even close.

I have experienced so much loss, that it’s time to heal and grow. That’s why I plan on writing some more here.

For one, it helps me and if I can help one other person know they are not alone then I am happy.

I am currently in a book club reading Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. 

Enlightening, to say the least, but reading this book right now is exactly what I need. And the girls in the book club agreed. Timing is everything right?

Like, people coming into your life when you had no idea how much you would need them.

Opportunites too. We don’t always recognize them at first, it may take a minute but then something will happen and it all becomes so clear.

You have a choice.

Sink or swim.

No one is coming to save you, so the choice is simple. Pick yourself up and keep going.

This has been my life motto but this time-I am taking it to the next level. 

I don’t want to just survive, I want to Thrive.

I have survival skills, but I had to really look deep to see if I could actually Thrive.  I always get up but where have I gone in the past? Back to the same habits, same people, same routines. This time I had no choice but to completely hit the reset button.

I have found strength and resilience that I never knew I had and if I am being really honest, sometimes I still struggle and wonder if I am really that strong.

What I am learning is, every day is a choice, and it’s a process.

I can choose to be sad or choose to find the good in the day. I always try to choose the latter. It’s just who I am as a person. It’s a process too,  there is nothing wrong with having a bad day it’s how you recover from that bad day is what counts.

Turning heartbreak into power.

Taking a terrible situation and making the best of it.

Scarcity to abundance.

Learning from mistakes.

Changing, growing, evolving, getting out of your comfort zone.

It’s not easy but we get ONE shot at life- and I know for myself – I am NOT going to waste it.

So, I am going to keep healing, growing, and probably will fall down again but I know I will be getting up stronger and getting back on track no matter what.

There is so much to be grateful for – ALWAYS.

Today, I am grateful for a strong following. I have been in sales almost all my adult life and I never stayed long in one industry. Until I came into the event industry. It just felt like home. I left a few years ago when my life went off track. I always stayed around to help some, and I still even had marketing clients that I worked with.  I started my networking group in 2009, we had hundreds of networking events. I loved it. 

But, I was burnt and life just started to fall apart so I took a step back, it was supposed to be temporary but no joke, every year since I had my last event something MAJOR went on in my life. I didn’t have any choices but to just get through the tough times.

At the end of 2021, my life blew up again but this time- I took this as an opportunity to thrive.

To make a comeback.

Last week, I had my first event after a long break. I was welcomed with not only open arms from familiar faces but new ones as well. 

That was always what I loved about Elite Bridal Networking-we always brought out new faces. And that I am so thankful for because those new faces turned into beautiful relationships.

Today, Elite Networking Group is all industries- not just the event industry, even though I have a large following in that sector.

I am really looking forward to growing ENG and meeting new people- collaborating and building strong relationships again. 

I hope you join me at an event or reach out to catch up.

Staying in Gratitude….xo

Stephanie Bosco Luca