I have to admit, I find myself struggling the last few days.

I know that the lockdown will be lifted soon, life will get back to being – well it will be the new normal. Whatever that will be.

I am grateful that my immediate family is healthy and safe.

I have several friends and cousins who did get the virus but thankfully are recovering at home.

Overall, we are ok- in fact, we are good.

So, what’s my problem?

I can’t give you one reason- it’s just a feeling. I am not comfortable with it and working hard to push through it.

I have been reading alot of people are feeling the same way so I know I am not alone.

In the spirit of pushing through,  I am working on myself.


Got my new Yoga Mat from Gaiam.

Kicking my at home yoga up a notch. I love all their products.

Washing away the gray.

I mean, I thought about it for a minute to just give up dying it and going all in with the gray.

Then I realized I don’t have the coloring to make it work. And when I say I don’t have the coloring, I mean no I just don’t want to.

I love the look on my friends and family that have done it but nah, I am not ready.

Delivered to my door.

Color & Co: Personalized Custom Hair Color

Nourishing my locks

I have been using Morrocanoil for years and love it. A little lasts a long time. This quarantine is the perfect time to take care of my hair.

Meaning no blowing drying, or heating tools- just moisture.

Outshine The Rest Shop Now

It’s the little things that help me, I am sure if I didn’t do these things I wouldn’t be able to push through anything, except maybe a nap. 😴😴


Getting back to business.

We will see more and more cities start to open up. As this happens, I hope that we don’t forget how important staying connected online is.

I am thankful that everything that I do is done on my laptop or phone.

After much surveying, and feedback from clients that I am currently working, you will be reading more on:


Pinterest Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Content Marketing


Email Marketing

Client Referrals

Virtual Networking


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